23 Mar 2011
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L400 Level Sensor
The Compulogic L400 tank level sensor is a cost effective, robust and accurate tank level sensor for liquid level measurement.
Available in three level ranges from 0-2M to 0-10M and is compatible with many fluids including diesel fuel, fresh water and salt water. The L400 provides a simple way to accurately and reliably measure on site liquid levels.
The sensor is compact and robust made from high grade stainless steel and measures only 21mm x 100mm.
The system is very simple to install, requiring a single 21mm diameter hole in the top of the tank through which the sensor is inserted. The same aperture is used for the sensor cable exit which is sealed to IP66 with the supplied cable gland.

Sensor output is a standard 4-20mA and when used with the Compulogic Smart Level Meter provides a complete level measuring system providing both a local level display and remote level readings via a web browser.

The Compulogic Smart Level Meterís onboard web server provides a simple means to program the system, provide remote level readings and send email alerts if user programmed minimum or maximum levels are exceeded.

Supported tank geometries are rectangular or cylinder on end, horizontal cylinder or any irregular tank shape by programming user defined capacity vs. depth figures.