4 Jan 2011
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LinkTx G3
The Compulogic LinkTx G3 is an SMS based remote monitoring and control unit, allowing a GSM mobile or GSM enabled computer system to remotely monitor and control systems or equipment based at remote locations. Text messages can be sent to turn equipment on or off, change system parameters and request up to date measurement and alarm information directly to a mobile phone or PC.
LinkTx G3
LinkTx G3
Applications Include:

• Plant and equipment monitoring,
• Security systems,
• Remote diagnostics,
• Equipment alarm notification,
• Temperature monitoring and control,
• Asset protection,
• Position monitoring,
• Remote command and control
• Home automation.

With LinkTx G3 Emergency conditions, temperature, voltage, current and digital readings can be sent to up to 16 GSM mobile telephone numbers and 4 number groups.
The message format and the trigger conditions are fully user programmable.

Additionally, a number of digital outputs are available allowing remote control of external equipment.

Text message commands may be sent to the LinkTx G3 unit to perform functions such as setting mobile numbers to receive alert messages, setting alert threshold values for measured temperatures, voltages, currents and digital input states.

The system is fully programmable “over the air” via SMS text messages, “dial-up” connection or locally using the serial RS232 interface.

The LinkTx G3 uses a built-in quad-band GSM cellular engine ensuring compatibility with any GSM network worldwide.

The LinkTx G3 Basic Unit interface capabilities at-a-glance

• 2 x 0-60VDC analogue inputs (1 connected to supply)
• 2 x 0-300Amp DC current transducer inputs
• 2 x Temperature probe inputs
• 4 x Digital inputs
• 1 x Digital Output (change-over relay)
• 1 x LinkTx IO module bus
• 1 x RS232 local management port

LinkTx IO Module (up to four per site)

The IO capabilities of the basic unit can be expanded by the addition of one or more LinkTx IO Modules. Each LinkTx IO module provides the following additional interfaces:

• 1 x 0-20VDC analogue input for supply monitoring
• 1 x 4-20mA input
• 1 x Temperature Probe input
• 8 x Digital inputs
• 4 x 10A changeover relay outputs
• 1 x RS485 serial port
• 1 x RS232 serial port

Other Features

• Quad Band GSM network compatibility
• Internal battery backup
• Wall mounted aluminium enclosure
• User programmable actions for message sending and output control
• Expandable to 36 digital inputs, 17 relay outputs, 8 analogue inputs & 8 serial ports

User Programmable Actions

A powerful feature of the system is the ability to perform actions based on the value of any of the system parameters, i.e. measured values or input and output states.

A set of 36 programmable functions or “rules” are available which specify actions to be taken as a result of individual or logical combinations of input and output states and system parameter values.

Create your own local control system, e.g. temperature controller, with remote control capability and alarm and status reporting via SMS with just a few simple rule definitions.

Another simple example would be to send an SMS message if a digital input was active.

A more complex example would be to send 3 different messages to 5 different numbers & turn on an output if the measured temperature was below a certain value, digital in 2 was active and the time was between 0300 and 0400.

The LinkTx G3 rule processor offers:

• 36 user programmable “Rule” functions
• Access to all IO
• 32 user programmable messages which can contain fixed text and variable “real time” measurement values.
• 16 Programmable GSM numbers
• 4 GSM number groups