16 Mar 2011
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SPi-4 Smart Process Meter
The Compulogic SPi-4 is a web enabled, flexible and simple to configure process meter. Featuring a large 4 digit LED display, on-board web server, email alerts and full remote access via the integral Ethernet interface.
Smart process Meter
Smart process Meter
The Integrated web server of the Compulogic SPi-4 provides unprecedented flexibility and ease of programming via a standard web browser. Additionally, meter readings can be viewed remotely via a web browser and email alerts can be generated when readings exceed user programmed thresholds.
Both XML and SNMP are also supported allowing configuration and remote reading using SNMP based network management systems. The sensor input is configurable for any range from 0-32mA or 0-10V
e.g. 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 9-15mA, 5-8V etc.
Any given input range may be programmed to display any corresponding user unit range from -9999 to +9999, direct or reverse acting and with automatic and floating decimal point.
A front panel push button enables the displayed value to be selectable between transducer input value, user units value, min value, max value or % full scale. Any or all of the displayed values are available simultaneously and remotely in a web browser or NMS.

Key Features

On-board web server for easy configuration and remote monitoring
Large, bright LED front panel display
Local display selectable between input value, user units and % full scale
4-20mA, 0-20mA or any user defined transducer input span from 0-32mA
0-10V, 1-5V, 0-4V or any user defined transducer input span between 0-10V
Programmable user units from -9999 to +9999, direct or reverse acting
Automatic, floating decimal point
Programmable email alarm alerts
XML support allows readings to be directly imported into Excel etc.
SNMP support allows config. and monitoring via a Network Management System
Compact standard 1/8 DIN 48 X 96 mm mounting, only 30mm depth
Automatic IP address configuration via DHCP